Valley Smoke

After what seems like an eternity of isolation i managed to pop over to the back end of the Valley during the week to look over the res. Usual suspects however i did manage to year tick the Wigeon for the all important #69.

A new, i really dont want to see any humans route, sees me cutting through the trees to get to the new hill at the far end and then allows me to wander in relative peace. The lazey arsed dog walkers dont tend venture this far away from the center, a few do but in the main its dog free compared to the Hornchurch side.

This also means that you get less people all together - result.

I walked down to the Paddock, hoping for Yellowhammer but this didnt happend and as i tunred to head back, thick black smoke assended into the sky. Holly shit, my car was on fire. No i mean it. The only thing near the smoke signals bellowing into the sky was my motor. I panicked, then laughed, i wanted a new car anyway. I headed back, i started to run, then back to a casual walk, then a fast paced walk come run. No matter what way i moved that smoke was coming from my car.

Now i dont often think my car is in flames but on the way i had stopped just before the tip to take some photos of Fieldfare at the roadside and as i undid my window, i could smell a feint burning smell coming from what i thought was the engine. 2&2 makes 5 right...

My path veered left, i looked, yep, still my motor! Then if that wasnt enough fire engines headed along the road in the distance, sirens at full blast and made a line straight for it.

I gave up, thoughts tunred to that new F Pace i wanted, i smiled and wandered slowly back. It took until i was about 50m away from the car to establish my car was in a non burnt out condition and that the firebrigade had beter things to do and where now elsewhere.

Demorilised, i got in a went home.

Stonechat again on the new hill and Lapwing over for #70 today