Hybrid Baikal Teal

Me and Paul, have been, over lock down, walking our local pond in the middle of a housing estate. Its been good fun, two minute walk from either one of us and now set up as a Hot Spot on eBird. We've had some twitches and some fly overs. Northern Shoveller saw me running over one morning. Last week i managed a fly over Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. One of those one time moments probably not to be repeated with the bird flying over calling as it went.

It truly is the no.1 birding location in the area. 😏

This has been there for probably three days and we've not paid it any attention. However today it caught Pauls eye. Wow, stunning bird. Hybrid Baikal x Eurasian Teal.

Its even been twitched now, 4 people over there specifically for it this afternoon. Invaders to our local covid patch. (update, a reglular stream of people. Its proving a popular local bird)