2 tick day

A plan was hatched, regardless of your personal views, we were heading to the South West. Both vaccinated and both each with two negative tests under our belts the week before we were off. Leaving early, picking up Martin at 5am, we aimed to be in Exmouth for 8.30am, to tick, the first of our targets, the Northern Mockingbird. It has been a long stayer over lockdown.

This worked a treat. We pulled up and headed into the small alley at the rear of the gardens. Only us two, we had the alley entirely to ourselves. This was to change but only increasing by two once the bird showed itself.

We were fortunate, the Mockingbird landed on top of a telegraph pole in the alley and stayed for a while, allowing great views and the ability to dig the cameras out. Tick 1.

After our fill, we actually were ahead of of our plan. However one vital part was now missing. We were only heading onto target number two if news had been seen. It hadn't. Nothing for the American Herring Gull showing of late in Newlyn, Cornwall.

We didn't have to wait long before Bird Guides pinged the news and that was enough for us. Like Starskey and Hutch we were in the car and on the move.

Shortly after, well a couple of hours ish, we were driving through Penzance onto Newlyn. We headed to the beech and jetty where the Herring Gull liked to hang out. It had three favourite spots. These two and then the Fish Market Harbour roof. After searching for a while, it was seen distantly on the roof. Heading over, Tick 2.