My second trip to Wanstead

The Black-neck Grebe has been there for a while and although i've seen these i've never seen one close. What a great opportunity, although dam, its Wanstead. 

Nothing wrong with Wanstead but a mid afternoon weekend visit for me means a 40/45 minute journey for something that really shouldn't take that long.

and i was right, 45 minutes later, I'm moaning to myself walking round Alexandra Lake about the journey and the incapability of drivers. When, historically, you drive as much as i did, drivers fall into a few categories and those categories vary depending on the location. They are all frustrating and ultimately could see me ranting for hours.

Digression aside, there were a couple of others sitting waiting patiently for the Grebe to venture out of the far bank as good views seemed to be almost guaranteed from what i had heard. Thanks to a pair of Little Grebe the bird was aggressively moved out and slowly started to work its way closer. 

Views were amazing and i never really appreciated that eye before. The camera came out and i clicked away. Mostly awful, a few... meh, the odd one ok. This was my favourite.