Monday, 30 December 2013

Tit Lake - Geese

More from my first go with the new camera this morning; Canada with a single Greylag amongst the group.

Tit Lake

New Camera; Canon SX50HS......this photography is harder than it looks.......i was interested to see how the new camera i picked up yesterday faired straight of the box, it was about 8am, light rain, pretty dark and windy. I will put picks up as i have gone through them but for starters a Fieldfare, just cropped a bit.

This is my first camera that has had more than one button so i've been reading up today on what you camera guys have all been going on about for the last three years of my life since i started birding, ISO' etc. All today's efforts though were on AUTO

Still no idea so will carry on with the read.

Fieldfare at Tit Lake

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


The intention was to be heading to Minsmere, however after a chat with Russ at the Xmas dinner I decided that a nearer venue was in order, as such I headed to Abberton with my dad.
Leaving after the school run, we arrived on a chilly Layer Breton Causeway for 9.30am. It seemed fairly low on numbers, looking quite empty. A brief scan from side to side didn't yield anything out of the ordinary so we set about taking a good look.

Layer Breton Causeway

2 Snipe were to the left edge (as we looked away from the center side of the causeway), I had a look at all the swans; nothing but Mutes. Greylag took flight from the back left and headed off in the distance which seemed to send the birds around the back and out of sight slowly to the middle. This is when dad picked up a Male Goosander; a first for him.


Not much else on this side other than large numbers of Pochard, Tufted Duck a few Gadwall and Pintail. 

A male Cettis Warbler was sang from the left reed bed.

Crossing the road and looking back to the reserve i find a Female Goldeneye amongst the Pochard & Shoveler. There were few gulls lazing about on the water all Common & Black Headed.

Grey Herons, Cormorants and Little Egret all on view from this side as well.


After an hour we headed to the reservoir; we proceeded to the new planted area and followed a couple of small paths to the back and the works area, two muddy pools held Mallard but after a while a Green Sandpiper flew calling from over the mud partition onto the other pool, Fieldfare "chacked" on the trees to our left, whilst Meadow Pipit started to take flight and move around us. Two flocks; one in the trees was a group of mixed Tit and the second, a group of Linnet went over head.

15 Snipe then left the muddy hill taking flight and headed off to the fields, its the first time i've ever heard a snipe doing their take off call.

We followed the fencing round towards the reservoir to find another Goldeneye which then turned out to be one of 8 on this side, a mix of male and female; one male even doing the courtship head banging.

A couple of Skylarks over.

Mixed Gulls; all the usual's, GBB, LBB, BHG, Herring & Common.

More of the same as expected apart from a Marsh Harrier patrolling the near shore area.

Back into the center for some food to find a sign saying weekends only and i was starving....oh well. It was hear we heard about a Red Head Smew back at the causeway.

Layer Breton Causeway - again

We didn't have too long probably another hour so headed directly to view the small wall area and the reeds where we were told the Smew was, no Smew but a Kingfisher, Peregrine & Red Crested Pochard to add to the tally.

Oh and a Song Thrush, dad likes a song thrush.

50 plus species with a few of the things you don't see every day or any day for that matter on the patch...