Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush (sounds better)

To go on news? no, he who dares paid off on Saturday morning.  We had a good trip, we were in the services just the other side of the seven bridge in a couple of hours but were still waiting on the first news of the day from Pwll-Du.

Luckily, my insistence to the other two paid off re cracking on regardless, and the pager beeped away.

So rather than a slow breakfast, food was taken to go and we headed to the valleys.

After a fair old walk we found the 150 odd birders already on the scene who had located the bird for us.

I must admit to getting a little agitated at this point, Martin had ticked, Dan had ticked, all be it briefly but i was still faffing about trying to get a vantage point. Everyone was moaning about others coming along and standing in front of them, i could see naff all apart from a rock.

I backed up and scanned, there was a hole in the crowd, nobody else seemed to have noticed or more than likely i was the only one there who could see bugger all. After a commando style maneuver followed by by a triple back flip i made a perfect landing. Strangely nobody commented, if i had just witnessed such a sight; over weight birder, laden with binoculars, scope and camera; i would have at least clapped.

I now was not budging and i too would comment if somebody stood in front of me - i had made my home.

💥💥Tick Tick Boom - One Rock Thrush 💥💥

My new home was short lived, the bird took flight and moved around the hill side - here we go again, birders on the move, all wanting a better spot than the last.

Settle, brief look - up it goes again, further round said hill - birders on the move yet again.

Settle, back the other way, birders on the move again.

So this time, i decided against herd mentality. I sat down on the edge of the hillside and didn't move. camera was out - i was ready. The bird was going to land so close to me i could of patted it on the head. It didn't; but it did come relatively close. I was by no means the closest but this time i was happy.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

More Red Neck Grebe

Today started with plans of trotting off to Languard for the Red Throated Pipit. This seem to have done a bunk from late yesterday afternoon as such i stayed at home and cracked on with some over due small bits of DIY

Later, after lunch, i headed back to the Red Necked Grebe at Roding Valley Meadows.

The bird was less mobile than last week, floating about the middle, be pushed about by the wind. The rest of the wildfowl seemed to be congregating up the other end and as such the Grebe was getting less hassle as well.

I sat, i waited, i sat, i waited and eventually it came closer, finally moving between one of the small islands and the bank. It was close, the closest I've seen it. Light though was a shocker here. The bird was under the over hanging bots of willow and whatever else was there. So i clicked away and got a few more shots.