Thursday, 11 June 2015

Friday, 5 June 2015

Tree Pipit, Dartford Warbler & Nightjar - Tick Tick Tick

I left with Paul & Martin and headed to Thursley in Surrey. I was looking forward to this. A chance to rid the outstanding list of Dartford Warbler finally and also get to see my first Nightjar.

Of course i didn't go and see the local daytime bird at the Middlesex filter beds that showed for all very well all day, i wanted to do it the hard way; midges, more midges, bug spray, an hour plus in the car each way and dark nigh-time skies.

We arrived and took a wander looking for initially Dartfords finally though ending up with some great views of my first Tree Pipit, a good few other birds all singing in the area. I think in the end i saw 4 but others were singing in the distance.

It was to be about the Nightjar so we headed back to find our spot and wait it out, it was going to be promising with Paul and Martin hearing the first churning bird whilst we were on the Pipits.

We made our stand and waited.....

Luckily Paul hears a Dartford Warbler some 20ft from our location and sure enough my second tick of the evening showed itself for all to see (juvenille).

We waited some more....

and slowly more and more churners could be heard.....still waiting until finally we moved a little to the closer of the churning birds when it came up from within the common straight over our heads into the night sky. Tick 3

Was a great little mid week jaunt - thanks guys....Three Ticks; Boom!