Sunday, 16 November 2014

Moth Stats 2014 - look away now

So the chance of me actually setting the trap for the rest of this year is small to none, although i must admit to really looking forward to next March.

After one year of mothing here's what happened. I thoroughly enjoyed the year, learnt a lot and would recommend everybody has a go......

And for all you moth'ers out there; VC18 Hornchurch, Suburban garden. Single 125MV Skinner

It was mainly left out all night, the odd occasion bought in early.

My highlights were my first Hawk-moth, Toadflax Brocade and Great Oak Beauty. Oh and the Pine Beauty, Spectacle......Figure of Eighty. The lists below........

Monday, 10 November 2014


Whilst in Norfolk, we took the Poppy Line from Holt to Sherringham. Whilst on a brief stroll along the sea wall we came across a rather large group of Black Headed Gulls being fed by numerous passers by. With chips being thrown in the air, sandwiches being tossed everywhere you can imagine the BHG's were in their element and so were their feeders.

That was until he turned up, it was really funny to watch as he came down onto the sea wall smack bang in the middle of the frenzy. Its size dwarfing the others making the feeders bulk at its size, a couple of smaller children screamed and run off. Comments of "look how big that one is" "ugly thing that one". Didn't have the heart to tell them there were bigger ones still.

Feeding Stopped

Saturday, 1 November 2014


A few days away with the family to Wells and i was given permission to head out early each morning, not out out, but for long enough to feel like i'd been out. Plus i managed a couple of twitches.

On Wednesday, late afternoon, i went to Holkham. I was immediately on a group of Scoters after a hell of a walk. Getting to Washington to hide was ok, but to then find the tide to be what felt like another mile out was knackering.

Anyhow after ticking the Surf Scoter close enough to see the white patch on the back of its neck, year ticking 4 Velvet Scoter accompanied by 6/7 Common Scoter i headed back.

Again late afternoon, but on Thursday, i drove off down the A149 to the West End of Holkham Pines. This time in search off the Rough Legged Buzzard. I found myself a spot and viewed the dunes, other birders all in the dunes themselves, i had not time to get down there.

Other birders joined me until there were about a 10 of us on the road. The numbers in the dunes now about 6. We viewed a very pale Common Buzzard. A call to a white rump, everyone getting good views straight off. then from know where a voice. My isn't that a Hen Harrier, a few low volume/mumbled laughs as everyone agreed.

Another Common Buzzard, a Marsh Harrier then finally from nowhere over the pines there it was. It stayed for over half an hour, soaring over the pines the dunes.

My highlight though was on Tuesday morning; a true self found Ring Ouzel in the scrub just south of the Dell in Wells Woods. It was also a Thrush morning, the fields were alive with Redwing (c150), Fieldfare (c50) and Continental Blackbirds (c30), Song Thrush (9) and Mistle Thrush (3).

In addition plenty of Goldcrest & Chiffchaff. And annoyingly, reported a little later a Yellow Browed Warbler.

We also took the lazy route to Blackeney Point for the Seals a mix of Grey and Common