Monday, 10 November 2014


Whilst in Norfolk, we took the Poppy Line from Holt to Sherringham. Whilst on a brief stroll along the sea wall we came across a rather large group of Black Headed Gulls being fed by numerous passers by. With chips being thrown in the air, sandwiches being tossed everywhere you can imagine the BHG's were in their element and so were their feeders.

That was until he turned up, it was really funny to watch as he came down onto the sea wall smack bang in the middle of the frenzy. Its size dwarfing the others making the feeders bulk at its size, a couple of smaller children screamed and run off. Comments of "look how big that one is" "ugly thing that one". Didn't have the heart to tell them there were bigger ones still.

Feeding Stopped

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