Saturday, 27 September 2014

4ANA....he's back

A quick hour and half over the valley saw Snipe, Shoveller, Teal, Woodpigeon, Mallard and pretty much everything else go up as the farmer, a couple of buddies and the dogs go about their business on the scrape, far side of the river to the lower paddock.

Checking the area to see what impact the cows had had last time they grazed there, possibly coming back to that section....

I moved on to Tit Lake and he's back....4ANA....and he brought with him the wife and kids. This year it seems as if a lot more of them have survived with 7 still in tow.

Meadow Pipit in large numbers on return journey via the back of the houses.

Great Haddam Birdies

I haven't played golf properly for years now, about 8. I've played once since I've started this blog. A four ball at Great Haddam Golf Club Friday afternoon was going to be interesting.

An afternoon tee, probably 4 plus hours round, would we even finish?

The golf went as well as could be expected really, i still won the round but the golf was not any where near the standard of years gone by.

Meadow Pipit lined most fairways in the wispy rough through 9, getting flushed time after time as to be honest we all spent far to long in there. 10 through 18 saw the rough change slightly to become more tree lined and wooded, here the Tit flocks were roaming, taking with them Chiff Chaff.

Skylark called as they flew around over head moving from one part of the course to the other whilst Jackdaw & Crow were making a racket in the surrounding farmland.

Linnet started to make themselves known as the course moved from open rough to woodland.

The small ponds dotted here and there really didn't hold too much. They were well placed traps and were full of balls, the Coot & Moorhen didn't seem to mind.

The highlight through 9 was on hole 3, a Wheatear was on the green. I could see its silhouetted form as we all took turns taking our approach shots and i was hoping it would hang about for me to get a better look as we got there. It did, in fact after a customary short flight as we took to the green, it flying to the other side no more than 10-15ft away, it paid no attention to us at all. We all putted out and headed towards it as we headed to the next tee. It flew over the bank and out of sight.

As the round progressed mixed Gulls headed off to roost, mainly Black Headed, Herring & Lesser Back Backed.

Male Pheasants started to make themselves known and appearing on and around most tee boxes.

Finally the last two holes where on the tee i thought i heard a Tawny Owl calling. I dismissed it but by the time i took my dismal approach shot, which cost me a birdie, there was no mistaking it.

Onto the 18th and my drive headed towards the main lake which is situated on the left. As i arrived i heard Kingfisher and managed to see it whiz low across the water to the far side. My drive was the longest on this hole so i had some time here waiting. The bird perched for a bit then making its way to another corner then another and finally back to my end after pretty much a full lap.

As we sat in the 19th two Pied Wagtail went over.

The whole time the other three players were oblivious to all going on, shame really I'm sure they would have enjoyed it more if they had know.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Rough Photos

A couple of visits to the Valley today to catch the first Ruff in over 12 years - 4 birds.

Plus one of the Black Tailed Godwit