Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Walking Dead comes to Wells

During the week more and more information about lots of ticks for me in Wells and Holkham. Finally mid morning on Saturday i (and the Mrs) made the decision to go. We headed up late Saturday enjoying the evening in Wells Harbour.

The following morning i headed into the woods. Even at 7.30am the car park was filling with birders.

Now i can honestly say i like Wells Woods but today i really didn't. Yes i got great views of the Red-flanked Blue Tail but come on it was like an episode of The Walking Dead, you know when they do a panoramic shot of the fields and woods and its awash with Zombies aimlessly walking about.

Zombies popping up from anywhere, behind bushes, brambles and trees but this time holding Swarovski.

courtesy of whoever makes The Walking Dead

I didn't last long before i started to get fed up; with little news coming from Holkham i decided to head there for the Isabeline Shrike. Initially not showing but eventually i refound it.

Then onto the 2nd Blue Tail of the day. Two Life ticks, not as many as i had hoped but worth trip.

courtesy of Lee Evans

Saturday, 10 October 2015


Spent an our walking our only paddock, no more small paddock no more top paddock just The Paddock after the decision was made to scrape and dig for aggregate in the Top Paddock closing into until they over fill it in with landfill and provide us with yet another hill, more of a mound in this case.

Anyway, The Paddock didn't hold much; a lot of Goldfinch, one Redwing and one Goldcrest.

Later a Snipe, just a little to far for my camera but great views none the less.