Saturday, 29 June 2013


Another ring visual today on a wonder to Tit Lake and back from the Hornchurch car park, with plenty of Blackcap, Long Tailed Tit & Whitethroat. A male Cuckoo went low over head after a quick detour down to the iron bridge. No Swifts though but still a fair few House Martin over the scrape.
Finally arriving a Tit lake and 4ANA was close in to the bank. I have been looking for him since first finding a colour ring Mute Swan back in March April time, 4AMG. Two sightings of this bird but nothing more. However 4ANA has held up on the lake since, although whenever viewing ive only been able to read the numbers 4 times. He has gone from single to paired to parents, with two signets on show with both mum and dad today.
The Mrs
The Family

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Scrape Tonight

An hour over the valley mainly viewing around the scrape took my year list for the Valley to 93 - my new record.

A Green Sandpiper directly in front of the the main viewing area on the rock mid water. It was there for a while before heading off towards the far right reeds and out of sight.

used under the creative commons license - original can be viewed here

Also seen was a Hobby heading along the river away from the scrape and iron bridge. Around the scrape also from the main viewing area, Lapwing x9, House Martin, Swift, Reed Bunting, Reed Warbler, Cettis Warbler

Friday, 21 June 2013

Valley Year List 92

After picking up Sand Martin over Berwick last week a quick trip after a client meeting last night found a Hobby low over the scrape that headed off over the iron bridge and along towards the old barn owl stump.

This puts me on 92 which matches last year and my best over the Valley to date and with 6 months to go.....

Other birds seen: Lapwing x11, Kestrel, Mute Swan, Coot, Little Grebe, Gadwall x2, Mallard, Cuckoo x3, Swift, House Martin, Reed Warbler x2, Grey Heron, Stock Dove, Wood Pigeon, Collard Dove, Magpie, Cettis Warbler, Whitethroat, Blackbird, Starling, Robin, Song Thrush, Chiffchaff

Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Valley's New Dog Walking Method.....

Step 1:

Most would already have this requirement, however if new to this it is a requirement that cannot be over come. Obtain the....

for whatever the reason this seems to be the favoured type - go figure

Step 2:

Once the above has been aquired then obtain.....

other makes and retailers are available and im not providing an endorsement for this retailer

Step 3:

Choose your favoured morning and with both the above attend Ingrebourne Valley parking in the Hornchurch Country car park.

Step 4:

Walk the 50 meters to the new mobile coffee shop......

Step 5:

Order a beverage of your choosing and take a seat......

Step 6:

Now relax, throw ball continuously to field allowing dog to retrieve, sup coffee and chat with like minded individuals

Step 7:

Rince and Repeat until coffee has been depleated

Step 8:

Walk the 50 meters back to the car and consider the dog walked

Monday, 10 June 2013


Last night at about 7.30pm I headed to the back end of the garden to check on if the Blue Tits had fledged; sure enough they had and being at work I missed it so don't know how may made it out of the box.
There was no sign of them in the surrounding trees or next doors garden either but whilst checking I heard a Crow making a racket above and looking up I caught sight of a raptor being mobbed, however they both immediately went out of sight behind a fir, running to the far corner, there to be added to the garden list, was a Hobby; prey in foot slowly moving on through, dodging the odd lazy attack from the crow and in between snacking.
Used Under the Creative Commons License - original can be viewed at

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Swift trip to the Patch

Not much happened over the patch for me of late, Grasshopper Warbler being a first for me over there taking my life patch list to staggering heights; 107.
2013 total now 90 which is 2 off my best year, with a few noticable gaps, Redwing, Wigeon, Little Owl.
This evenning i went for a little wander to the scrape, same old same old if it wasnt for the Swifts. Probably about 30-40 of them; insects were every where and they were low. The House Martins stayed high but the Swifts decided to treat me to an awsome flight display.
I've had what i thought were close Swifts along the wall at Rainham but this was a different kind of close. As i turned up at the scrape they rose, i stood by the Valley sign and watched the water. Shortly after i was buzzed; straight passed my left ear not just a whoosh but as it turned it beat its wings, so close you could hear it.
I moved towards the center of the fencing and faced away from the water. They were repeating the path; from over the trees they would come reducing height quickly to 6ft over the tables and chairs past my head left / right and over onto the water. They were then banking off to the iron bridge gaining height and back for more.