Saturday, 8 June 2013

Swift trip to the Patch

Not much happened over the patch for me of late, Grasshopper Warbler being a first for me over there taking my life patch list to staggering heights; 107.
2013 total now 90 which is 2 off my best year, with a few noticable gaps, Redwing, Wigeon, Little Owl.
This evenning i went for a little wander to the scrape, same old same old if it wasnt for the Swifts. Probably about 30-40 of them; insects were every where and they were low. The House Martins stayed high but the Swifts decided to treat me to an awsome flight display.
I've had what i thought were close Swifts along the wall at Rainham but this was a different kind of close. As i turned up at the scrape they rose, i stood by the Valley sign and watched the water. Shortly after i was buzzed; straight passed my left ear not just a whoosh but as it turned it beat its wings, so close you could hear it.
I moved towards the center of the fencing and faced away from the water. They were repeating the path; from over the trees they would come reducing height quickly to 6ft over the tables and chairs past my head left / right and over onto the water. They were then banking off to the iron bridge gaining height and back for more.
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