Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Valley's New Dog Walking Method.....

Step 1:

Most would already have this requirement, however if new to this it is a requirement that cannot be over come. Obtain the....

for whatever the reason this seems to be the favoured type - go figure

Step 2:

Once the above has been aquired then obtain.....

other makes and retailers are available and im not providing an endorsement for this retailer

Step 3:

Choose your favoured morning and with both the above attend Ingrebourne Valley parking in the Hornchurch Country car park.

Step 4:

Walk the 50 meters to the new mobile coffee shop......

Step 5:

Order a beverage of your choosing and take a seat......

Step 6:

Now relax, throw ball continuously to field allowing dog to retrieve, sup coffee and chat with like minded individuals

Step 7:

Rince and Repeat until coffee has been depleated

Step 8:

Walk the 50 meters back to the car and consider the dog walked

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