Monday, 31 March 2014


No pictures i'm afraid but a a superb day out with Paul & Martin, firstly to Snodland, were i caught my first ever Hoopoe, secondly to add a new McDonalds breakfast site to the "McDonalds life list visited restaurant list" courtesy of Martin and his app.

Then for the rest of the day at varying sites catching another Black Throated Diver at Reculver offshore

Monday, 17 March 2014

4ANA - Recovers: Harrow Lodge Lurgee

I sent another record in from Saturday morning; 4ANA was on Albyns Farm Lake. I havn't seen him for a while, mainly because i havn't been over there however was surprised to see that he got taken into care for a few days because he got Botulism which hit Harrow Lodge hard with most birds relocated.

He's looking well and was paired up with a female and ready to go (i don't know if swans pair for life so should look into that really). He plus 1 successfully raised 2 signets last year within the confines Albyns.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Rainham RSPB

Works been full on this week, so in all honesty i took a very very early POETS day. Sunny Friday afternoon wandering around Rainham....superb.

I took route via the Woodland off the ramp; easily four singing Chiffchaff

Chiffchaff in the Woodland area
Redwing x2 plus the usual woodland species and 5 singing Cettis, one of which was showing pretty well but always managing to be obscure for the camera.

It was an afternoon to play with the camera; AV, TV, tracking modes, continuous shooting - yep you guessed it some very dark , blurry, fuzzy and generally appalling shots.

The Coots were the easiest to shoot, so became the main subject. 176 shots, with about 4 as almost passable, the rest when straight to delete. This photography is so frustrating.  I think i've got some OK stuff and when you get home its all rubbish.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Cely Woods

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker is now my boogie bird, I've tried a few times now over at Cely Woods; so when Rob (Upminster Birder) Burgess found them again this week i met with him a couple of days after to see if i was in the wrong place. It turns out i wasn't and have just been unlucky.

I headed over Saturday  morning, arriving for 6.30am. I stayed for about three hours in all and yet again missed out. Plenty of Great Spots & Green.

The usual woodland birds all in fine voice, along with Stock Doves.

I took the opportunity to have a wander for the last 30-40 minutes; Redwing, Song Thrush and a lot of these.

Yellowhammer - By me