Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Nightingale's & Whitethroat's

Another trip to Two Tree Island on Saturday taking my father down there so he could catch the Night Heron that has pretty much been there for 10 days now.

Typically upon arrival at the Night Heron spot..................it wasnt there and whilst sitting & waiting as if to rub it in Rare Bird Alert paged "no sign of the Night Heron at Two Tree Island this morning".

The weather was warm and sunny and i could have just sat there waiting but bewteen us we chose to take a wander.

I ticked my first Whitethroat during the week on my earlier visit with a clear but brief sighting, however it seemed on Saturday as if they were everywhere with some good shows. We saw characteristcis of the males whilst starting to sing with a flittery flight up, almost hovering for a couple of seconds then back down.

Dads actual shot - one of many Whitethroat

We stopped counting at 20 more interested now on the singing Nightingale we could hear in the brambles ahead to our right.

Singing just to our left a Chifchaff, my dad was really please being a first for him. Back to the brambles and.....quick flight to a near bush, one Nightingale, who decided to sing for about 30 seconds before making flight into the udnergrowth. From what i have been told thats a good view of a Nightingale.

A First for me

No sign of the Lesser Whitethroats seen the day before and we couldn't catch the Cettis Warbler to the left of the raised hide over the reed beds but could here its call on a regular basis. Little Grebe's on the water along with a swimming Water Vole, Coot & Moorhen

Next off to the West Island and on the way something spooked easily 100+ Curlew from the mud flats, circling about before landing. Oystercatchers, only 2, in flight. Mallard floating lazily about on the fresh water pool to our right and Greenfinches every where. Funnily though  no Great Tit or Gold finches with only a few Blue Tit.

A call of a Phesant led to a female taking flight on the other side of the pool.

Onto the West Island now and reports of Grass Hopper Warblers were being banded about by many birders by the car park, however we couldnt hear or see it, but yet more Whitethroats and as we walked along the Thames some Black Tailed Godwit on the flats.

To the end hide to see numerous Avocet (c50) along with Oysterctachers (C100) and Black Headed Gull (C150) and a lone Redshank

Nice morning made even better by being out with the old man.
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