Sunday, 10 July 2011

Ingrebourne Valley - A Patch First?

On my way to Rainham this morning i stopped in at the Ingrebourne to get more views of the Yellowhammers from Friday.

I was at the correct area and could hear them calling. Then a finch flock came out of the trees to my right and something was with them that i had not banked on seeing - very possibly a patch first.

It was substanially lighter than the other birds to the point of White with a Blue tinge. The flock headed towards a Hawthorne to my right and settled and there i had my first views....

A Budgie! A Blue Budgie with a Yellow Head!

It looked really healthy, flying with the Finches, Linets & Yellowhammers and headed into the Wheat field to feed.

So are Budgies colonising the Valley? - Of course not

An escapee? - I would reckon

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