Saturday, 28 April 2012

Ingrebourne V to China T

There was a break in the clouds on Friday afternoon, rather a break in the rain, the clouds were still there; so i made a dash for the Valley. Weather wise i did really well, one short heavy down pour but other than that it remained dry.

With all the rain, as im sure most will already know, the water levels are high and still rising. The river has now flooded and from the little black bridge, its certainly the highest i've seen it in my short time of birding. Has the bridge ever become inpassable?

My route today was from Hornchurch car park to Heronry via the viewing area, back with a few detours into the woods and then over the bridge. Along the top edge of the lower paddock to the fields, up to the little bridge by the fields footpath and along the top paddock. Then back down to the car park along the main path.

A lot of activity with all the usual suspects including a first for the year, Reed Warbler. A couple of Red Legged Partridge in the fields.

Next stop China (town), a few beers in All Bar One Leicester Sqaure and onto a hidden in open view gem: Youuns. From the front a small red door, a little window with duck ect all hanging up, looks ropey as you can imagine. Inside it opens up to a few tables that are pretty much always full. Then if you get taken upstairs on down stairs the place is huge and the food is amazing. Hors D'oeuvres & one Crispy Aromatic Duck follwed by Sweet n Sour Fish, Chicken in Black Been n Chilli, Crispy Shredded Beef, Sliced Panga with garlic, glazed Pork slices, Pork with chilli n ginger (strange combo but it works), Eel with Black Bean and Pepper, Chicken in Yellow bean sauce along with god knows how many bowls of  rice and noodles all washed down with a rather large amount of Tiger and Tsingtao

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