Saturday, 22 September 2012

Not Much

Well as you can gather i havnt been out doing much birding of late, in fact much of anything; work, home decoration and general family stuff taking precedent.
I have managed no more than 3 hours over the patch throughout September and even on those visits did not find too much; Green Sandpiper probably the most exciting.
Needing a new bird for the patch and year list i spent most of those hours looking for Snipe and Kingfisher around the viewing area and checking out every black Corvid that flew over in hope of a Rook.
A Snipe was seen though on the day previous to one of my visits.
Highlight of the month would be the Red Kite seen low over the fields at Little Haddam in Hertfordshire. Apparently its become a bit of a local attraction appearing in the local press.
Lets hope October allows more time out!
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