Friday, 9 November 2012

Hardy's Green

I've only seen one Shrike - a Woodchat Shrike at the Retendon round about near Wickford, Runwell Road and this was back in April 2011, apparently eaten by a Sparrowhawk the follwoing day.
I've had a go at seeing more, dont get me wrong, ive not chased around the country at every report but i have been to Vange Marsh for a Red Backed Shrike, Fingringhoe Wick for a Great Grey Shrike and also Salcot Cum Virley for the same.
Today i finally managed to connect with the Great Grey Shrike showing at Hardy's Green, Colchester.
It was favouring the same spot it had been all week, just down the road past the Big Red Barn.
First hedgrow on the same side as the barn, then viewing to the bottom of it by the telegraph wires and poles.
right of the hedgerow

left of the hedgerow
I initially caught it in flight dropping down into the planted field above, staying down for a few minutes before returning back to the hedgerow, shortly after it flew to the wires to the right of the hedgerow and then further towards the road again on the wires before returning to the the hedgerow.
A good bird to see finally - Red Backed next
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