Saturday, 28 June 2014

Snakes alive....but not for long

So after much deliberation i dared; i wasn't going to's busy too busy. I then got a call from Steve Bacon..he obviously didn't need it but wanted a look. So with a plan set for Tuesday morning, it decides not to show on Monday...plan cancelled.

Wednesday, its back and so after a quick call the plan was back up. 4.30am the next morning we were on our way to Gills Lap, Ashdown Forrest.

Slowly others joined us, the sun was warming and all eyes were to the valley and ridge in front us. Suddenly Dave Smith pulls two raptors on the very left of the ridge, silhouetted against the sun, the first was a Buzzard the second was bigger and on flat wings, 10-15 seconds and they were gone out of sight.

Shortly after it reappeared above and below the tree line, were it was lost to sight again along the ridge. This is where yours truly found it again perched at the top of the tree. Putting all onto it, it was again only a silhouetted profile but what a profile and the head was massive. Anyone ticking was now happy to tick, myself included after the nod from Steve.

We all hung about hoping for more. It soared a little then came our way, lower and lower over the valley ahead, it gliding around, stopping here and there for a hover, talons lowered. Then finally it dropped and came out with a whopper of a snake. It has to be my favourite bird so far.

Not great I know but I was far to busy watching to worry with photos
Then thanks to Hawky we moved on to another area for me to pick up Woodlark as well.

Thoroughly enjoyable morning, cheers Steve....

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