Sunday, 28 February 2016

Garden Ringing

So with Hawky obtaining his C permit he needed a place to start, so i offered up the garden. For the last two Sunday mornings we've put nets up. Last Sunday was a bit to windy, the net was moving a lot but will still managed to trap and process 5 birds.

Today was better so the main net a 60ft 3 panel was placed along with this time a smaller 20ft 3 panel. The main net travels from the grass nearest the house and heads straight towards the back. It finishes with about a third of the garden remaining. The last net we placed across a small fly way to the back left on the diagonal.

This morning was a lot better, we had some escapes this morning but they were soon getting caught. Another 5 birds processed this morning. We even had our first re-trap although its not counted. The Blue Tit was released and about an hour and half latter was back in the net.

I must admit to thoroughly enjoying it and can easily see myself training but not just yet life's too busy. Hawky doing the bird handling for obvious reasons.

Sunday 21st

Great Tit x2
House Sparrow

Sunday 28th

Blue Tit
Great Tit
House Sparrow

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