Sunday, 14 January 2018

Ingrebourne Valley 2018 - going well......

......for now.

With yet another little jaunt over to the Ingrebourne i have managed another couple of additions keeping me behind the others as expected, but at a healthy distance. Adding House Sparrow and Red-Legged Partridge this morning takes me to 68.

So as far as i can tell, Hawky is on 73, Mo 71, Shaunboy 71. Mr McG has so far kept his cards close to his chest but is probably already on 80 :) The new addition, Monkey, has smashed his way to 34 in about 10 minutes yesterday. He was going out jogging over there today and has probably added a few more.

Its hotting up 🔥🔥 and looking to be quite an expensive year at this rate.

The coffee is amazing and the sausage sandwich wasn't bad either

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