Sunday, 4 February 2018

Ingrebourne Valley update

The first weekend in February saw most of the Valley Birders bashing the patch for a few hours; some early morning pre the dog walkers and others like myself early after noon. There was a light drizzle of rain in the air all times.

I met up with Monkey just after 12 and we both headed to the viewing area to tick off the Shelduck that had been there all morning.

Straight back to the cafe for a brief lunch and we headed out properly for a few hours birding. It became a bit of a tick fest for us both with Monkey ticking 6 and myself 5.

I added Bullfinch, Shelduck, Lesser Redpoll, Peregrin,  and the most fantastic pair of Collard Dove.

After the conversation down the pub Friday we both wanted to ensure it was a fair tick. We were in the car technically outside the recording area. We pulled over got out, walked across the road and stood in the required zone - high 5 (yes a proper one Jono) and a lot of childish giggling saw us back in the car with another under our belts.

The scores so far are all impressive;

Mo: 78
Hawky: 77
Me: 77
Shaunboy: 75
Dave Mcg: 74
Monkey: 66

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