Monday, 17 January 2011

Gearing Up

So after that first visit to Rainham and subsequently joing i needed gear. Now i wasnt going to blow a load of cash for my first purchase so after managing to scrounge my dads old scope and tripod, that i think had cost him about £80 for both some 5 years before hand, i then set about trying to find binoculars.

I found a great forum site and in there was a terrific information post. I then decided that i needed 8x42 and ended up on ebay finding a pear of Bushnell Nature Views (new & un openned) and some how managed to get these for the staggering some of £25. I think the person selling them either didnt care about the money or didnt realise he could charge more.

I am still using this stuff and if i am honest have already started looking at scopes for digiscoping and i am also hoping to get a better pair of binoculars as well (40th birthdays, you got to love them).
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