Sunday, 16 January 2011

Hello All

Essex Bird Watching

Well, here goes; My names Lee and i started birdwatching 10th October 2010. I have always had an interest in Birds as my parents used to take me to various places namely Warley Place & Fingrinhoe Wick and whateveer we saw when we were in Dartmoor.

I had up till then seen a few different species but nothing of note (and until Friday 14th January PM) that was still the case.

Mixed Tits, Pied Wagtails, Blackbirds, Wrens. The usual woodland birds really plus others. Then nothing apart from garden birds until October last year.

All grown up with 3 children (with the wife quite happy looking after our newest addition), the two eldest and i were looking to get some fresh air one Sunday afternoon set off to Rainham Marshes.

We went with nothing. No RSPB membership, No Binoculars, No Field Guides,  No Scopes just really No Idea.

Upon arrival in the visitors center we were received well, we didnt quite quialify for the local resident free entrance so paid our money. The girls were given an eye spy sheet. We set off and if im honest saw nothing, i mean nothing.

Mainly due to being un prepared. Although relatively warm in Hornchurch, the wind coming off the Thames was cold for me let alone the girls. We gave up that day after 200 yards but being able to pop to a proper RSPB reserve so close, with all the expertise they have in helping new birders struck a cord with me.

I got home, logged on to the web and purchased a family RSPB memebership.
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