Sunday, 5 June 2011

And back.....

Well due to some heavy work load although i have managed to get out birding i havnt been posting.

However things should change from this weekend so here we go again;

This afternoon in the rain my youngest daughter was going stir crazy at home so after getting out the wet weather gear we headed over to the Ingrebourne Valley (Hornchurch side) and had a little walk as far as the black iron bridge and back stopping at the viewing areas along the way and at every puddle she could possibly find.

I had forgotton that Puddle Jumping was such an art form. As a 4 year girl she managed to show me the hop skip & jump; the two footed stomp; the quick run through along with many more.

So at the viewing area there wasnt that much about; coot, moorhen, lapwing, mallard & 4 teal along with a new one for me; A Green Sandpiper.

I know these have been there before based upon other blogs covering the Valley but this puts me on 131

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