Sunday, 26 June 2011

West Wittering Area

Managed to get down to West Wittering for a few days with the family this week hoping for some time on the beech. Not so with the beech so we spent a lot of time wondering around the area.

I managed to get my first photo of a bird; Black backed Gull.

There were Linets everywhere to the volume of what i am seeing Whitethroats over at Rainham Marshes.

My best find of the week where two Bullfinches (male & female but not sure if a pair) and then with a stroll along the Easthead right at the end a new one to add to my life list easily identifiable amongst the Common Terns; a Little Turn unmistakably showing their size, yellow bill along with white forehead.

I counted atleast 8 adult birds with one pair feeding younger birds on the shingle opposite
Now puts me onto 133.

The Black Headed Gull shots that i took to me look like an adult in summer gear but the second looks like an adult winter? in summer? Could it be its just late developping its hood? or would it be a non breeding bird who never developed one?

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