Friday, 12 August 2011

Garden List On The UP

A nice suprise this morning when i looked out the kitchen window into the garden: 5 Ring Necked Parakeets. Puts the garden list on 35. They shorlty flew into Haynes Park and out of sight

Garden List:

Blackbird: Black Headed Gull: Blue Tit: Carrion Crow: Chaffinch: Collard Dove: Common Gull: Dunnock: Gadwall: Goldcrest: Goldfinch: Great Spotted Woodpecker: Great Tit: Green Woodpecker: Greenfinch: Grey Heron: Greylag Goose: House Sparrow: Jay: Long Tailed Tit: Magpie: Mute Swan: Redwing: Ring Necked Parakeet: Robin: Feral Pigeon: Song Thrush: Sparrowhawk: Starling: Stock Dove: Swallow: Swift: Waxwing: Woodpigeon: Wren
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