Saturday, 27 August 2011

Ingrebourne Valley

On the way to Rainham this morning i stopped at the Valley via the Berwick Woods car park and took a stroll down to the little bridge along passed the top paddock in the hope of seeing some Yellow Wagtails around the horses; wasnt to be.

In the stubble of the next field the Woodpigeons & Carrion Crows scatered everywhere and a low flying Common Buzzard came into view which then promptly settled on the fence posts between paddock & field.

It stayed there for 5-10 minutes diving on & off the post and down into the vegetation around the fence; i ddint see a succesfull catch.

However even the Buzzard took flight at what happened next; suddenly from the Sweetcorn field came the noise of Geese; and geese there where in their 100's and very low flying.

I counted 120 that went straight over my head a mix of Greylag & Canada. The lot that went over my head were about 3 skeins wide (if thats the right word) and 4 skeins deep but there could have easily been another 3 skeins to the side of what i could see.

The noise was unbelievable (serves me right saying that the same spot the other night was deadly quiet)

I'll avoid the puns on Squadrons and Airplanes bearing in mind where i was :)

Even though it was just Greylag & Canada's it easily tops the year highlights so far!

On the way back to the car i spotted a Wheatear and a few Lapwing flew over
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