Friday, 28 October 2011

Warley Place

Half Term and with the littlest one not well, the older two were going stir crazy at home and needed some fresh air, so leaving work a little early (well half day) i went home and asked if they wanted to go find some birds. Now the normal repsonse to this is of late has been "noooooo daddy!!!" but today was a massive "yes".

Given the option of Hallowen Face Painting at Rainham, crawling over the aeroplane at Ingreboune or a wander in the Woods (this last one was what i hoped for today as a Firecrest was reported earlier in the week,) i was supprised when they actually opted for it.

Shortly after arriving at Warley Place, i told them what we were looking for; a really small bird with a yellow to orange stipe down the middle of his head and white eyebrows. They looked at me like i was nuts, however i was after a lifer.

So off we went, through the first gate and squeelch, "this muds really squidgy daddy" -  "thats not mud thats cow poo darling" - "oh".

We continued with both kids firmly fixated with the search in question; yes, who can find the most cow pats and the noise coming from them was enough to scsare of every bird at Warley Place and my chances of anything today slowly faded.

Strangely with the noise, the running, jumping and everything else they doing we came across a singing Robin and the girls stopped for a listen, then more birds came into a view, it was a tit group; blue tits & great tits everywhere, then a flash of orange, could it it amongst the group were 3 Goldcrests - not to be sniffed at, a patch tick for me at Warley along with another patch tick a Coal Tit.

The noisy walk continued and finished after viewing both ponds from hides and doing a full circuit.

With the girls in the car eating a packet of Pombears and with me loading the car............out of nowhere came the call i had be listening to on the iphone before we came out, scanning the Holly bushes i could see something but couldnt get a view, a few minutes later and there it was on the top outside edge - my first Firecrest - well pleased!

Goldcrest - Unknown Photographer

Firecrest - courtesy of

Other birds seen: Green Woodpecker x2, Great SPotted Woodpecker x2, Nuthatch x2, Great Tit x7, Blue Tit x9, Coal Tit, Goldcrest x3, Jackdaw x5, Carrion Crow 3, Woodpigeon, Robin x7, Blacbird

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