Saturday, 25 February 2012

Thames Chase

After dropping the wife and eldest daughter at her Ballet classes i headed over to Thames Chase with youngest daughter and number one son; not for birding just purley to go on the swings and climbing frame. They thoroughly enjoyed it and while standing in the play enclosure i had great views of initally a Kestrel perched at the top of one nearby tree.

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After this flew a Yellowhammer shortly took its place; Blue & Great Tits along with Robin, Dunnock & Chaffinch all flitted here and there. Pied Wagtail x2 around the visitors center.

Later that afternoon after picking up the eldest she too wanted the swings so while the others were at home the two of us headed over there.

Being slightly older i managed to get her over to the scrape where we saw a Grey Wagtail and a Pied Wagtail. The Grey Wagtail going on my 2012 year list and also going on the daughters life list; takes her up to 68.

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No Snipe or Green Sandpiper. She then supprised me after spending a lot of time on the swings saying she wanted to go for a walk again; so we headed off into the eldest part of the wood and took a circuit. Redwing, Green Woodpecker and Siskin being the highlights; Siskin another life tick for her.

Two great little trips out on a beautuful day.
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