Friday, 10 February 2012

Tylers Wood & Jermains Wood

I extended the walk at Tylers Common & Wood today and took the bridal path along side the M25 running into Jermaines Wood.

Initally though i took the usual route heading down the side of the left wood towards the brook, numerous Great & Blue Tits, a few Dunnock, Blackbird & Robin. A small group of Fieldfare x8 flew towards the right wood. At the bottom a Kestrel hovered over the trees by the brook.

Heading onto the common Fieldfare and Redwing became more numerous with a group of c80 Fieldfare heading over to the lower paddock.

Not much else on the Common side apart from the usual so i decided to head up to Jermaines Wood for the first time.

A patch first came in the form of Teal x3 in the small pool at the exit to the brook from where it comes out from under the M25; i need to look at this little area more often in looks quite good for something else; probably a shopping trolly possibly a push bike.

Into the wood  and the dead / stroke dying Ash Trees showed Woodpecker activity, nest holes, general drumming etc but loads of it. Essex County Council have placed notices on the path entrances to the wood that as from 2012 they will be conducting a large amount of selected thinning, primarily focusing on the dead / dying Ash trees in section 8a & 8c (theres a little pictomap) which is most of them. The reason being; for the safety of the people using the wood. Strangely most of these, to be thinned, trees arn't even near the pathways. But no Woodpeckers but a couple of Kestrel calling to each other.

Will be going back to Jermaines and heading further down the Bridal Way

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