Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Years Day

All plans to be up an about early this morning were scuppered two days ago by a nasty sickness bug; feeling rather exausted today i managed to get out of bed for the first time.
New year lisiting would have to start in the Garden.
And start it did; Robin (no.1) quickly followed by Blackbird, Great Tit and Blue Tit. Woodpigeon and Collard Dove dropped in on the ground seed.
Magpies come in for the Meal Worm that i through out and yet more Blackbird on the crushed apples.
Over the park the morning gulls took flight, Black Headed, Common & Herring (no.10).
Carrion Crow in next doors oak along with Greenfinch, Goldfinch on their feeders and Chaffinch under them.
Two Dunnock dived from the left to right side of the garden and House Sparrows came in slowly  but eventually numbering 16.
Longing for the Goldcrest to show, i saw movement in one of its usual haunts; thats when Mrs B thought i was about to throw up again as i moved quicker than i had done for three days, grabbing the optics from the shelf a female Blackcap. A first for the garden - now at 49.
Shortly after the Goldcrest showed well doing a couple of circuits, up the right edge, fir, spruce, fir, skip over to the back firs and down the holly on the left eventually showing two foot from the kitchen window.

Very Quick iPhone Picture of the Goldcrest
Finally the regular Great Spotted Woodpecker called from the oaks and flew over the park with another showing in the Scotts Pines towering tall over the road.

19 in all

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