Sunday, 27 January 2013


Well, its finally happened; existing business, further exams and training in existing buisness, new start up venture, family commitments, a house refurbishment & birding.
Too much to do and cannot fit it all in, so no trip out for me again - @IndoorsTooMuch
The highlight of the weekend was the RSPB Garden Birdwatch where with the kids help we had our best go yet. This is year 4 for the BGBW.
The best bits being when the neighbour through out the left overs of her Sunday roast, which tempted the 50 odd mixed Black Headed & Common gulls off the park grasslands and over into their garden, luckily as they tore strips out of each other heading up, they dropped it on my lawn, shortly followed by all of them: we counted 42 BHG and 11 Common.
As well as this we had not one but two Great Spotted Woodpeckers both on the same tree and also checking out our Woodpecker nest box put up two winters ago which has now been used each spring since by Starlings, may be this year, fingers crossed; how cool would that be - breeding Great Spots in your garden.
Another couple of crackers were 2x Coal Tit - they pretty regular in the garden but they break up the tit flocks.
No sign of the Goldcrest this weekend, been around for a while now and when it counts it couldnt be bothered to show! However our Song Thrush has hung around and was digging about under the left nearside firs.
The Stock Doves made and appearance but were limited to 2 rather than the usual 3 and Woodpigeon numbers were down, We normally can count at least 10-15 on a regular basis but today was 7.
Collard Doves were seen along with the rest of the usuals but weirldy no Dunnock and i havnt seen them in the morning now for over a week, normally a daily norm under the feeders, Chaffinch also didnt show.
My favorite of the day not for the BGBW but for my garden list was a fly over Cormorant taking the list to 50 along with about 10 Canada Geese making there way Rapheals Park direction.
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