Sunday, 21 April 2013

Patch Ticking 2013

I have been really enjoying the patch of late and although the migrants have started arriving this new found enthusiasm started before they did, i think it was the warmer of the weather; long may it continue.
Im doing well this year so far, i'm well ahead of where i was this time last year. 2012 finished on 92 and im already on 83 but i have seen a lot of the usual bits a lot earlier in the year than last year...i think i'm improving.
So today i arrived at the Hornchurch Country Park car park at 6.30am, i was after three birds today: Red Legged Partridge, Sedge Warbler & Reed Warbler.
Heading along the flood area towards the scrape the usual Moorhen & Coot. A few Teal dotted about along with the odd Grey Heron.
Whitethroat, Willow Warbler & Chiffchaff numbers seem to continue to increase.
Just as i was approaching the small viewing area to the scrape a Ring Necked Parakeet flew over the scrape and head and off towards the hospital - Patch 2013 Tick
At the small viewing area showing down to the reeds i could just make out a Reed Warbler, then he started up, no mistake. Patch Tick 2013
As i headed up the hill, now on my way to Tit Lake, a Lesser Whitethroat went off and headed back down the hill. I like these so i headed back trying to locate it, eventually catching it in the trees just before the iron bridge. Great! - Patch Tick 2013
used under the creative commons license - original can be found
So heading back up the hill again and another Lesser Whithroat goes off, this one decided to stay in the area around the cut tree trunk and show very well.
Tit Lake heald the usual along with a Mute Swan with a different number to the usual one, this one being Red 4ANA, so i await its travel history. If its anything like 4AMG its probably just gone from Harrow Lodge to Ingrebourne Valley in the last three months.
Ingrebounre Hill next and no sign of any Wheatears but i did catch great views of a Sedge Warbler and the Cuckoo that i had been able to hear since entering this area came into view but no sign of anything else around this area.
I was heading back, now looking towards the fields for Red Legged Partridge. The mistake here being i checked the old potatoe field and then made my way off down the farm trail (not checking the Top Paddock), a Linnet flock off 30 odd birds and a Bullfinch (male) at the end where the trail re joins the woods.
Nothing much else, House Martin numbers seem to be building around the hospital and a couple of Swallow.
Finally approaching the car park and a noisy Water Rail to my left.

The mistake re the Top Paddock: a call 10 minutes after leaving - Red Legged Partridge, Top Paddock. - Oh Well Great Morning any way
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