Sunday, 6 February 2011

Nice Morning For Variation

Managed to get out yesterday morning and firstly managed to beat my species count for one day and secondly realised i need a new scope :)

I got to Rainham by default as i was on my way to Elmley Marshes on  the Isle of Sheppy for something different, however as i approached the M25 it was queing due to an accident and this was 2 junctions back from the QE2 bridge over to Kent and it was only 8.30am.

Quick change in exits and i headed for the tip for some Gull watching. Gulls are an area i love but to be honest i need a lot of practise. Got to the tip for 8.45am and spent an hour watching them, i seem to be able now to pick the adult (usual species) (Herring, LBB, GBB & BHG) birds out quite well but as for 1W, 2W etc, its not going to well. In addition this is where i realised i needed another scope, the gulls were sited to the back of the tip and i couldnt really get a good view of the markings for ID's. So i headed to the RSPB center.

Upon arrival at the center i took a walk along the Thames to Aveley Bay and back, this took about an hour but with that wind in my face my eyes were so watery i couldnt really see to much unless it was close, however i got Rock Rock Pipit, Teal, Redshank & Shelduck ticked off.

Entering the RSPB reserve i completed a full circuit heading for the woodland area first. and all in all i ticked off 45 species which was 20 more than my previous best.
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