Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Was it or Wasnt it - i will never know

Something i had forgotten about until i looked up Penduline Tits, was as i was finishing my walk along the Thames back to the RSPB center i flushed two small (finch sized / smaller) birds over the wall into the reserve.

The only ID i managed was a black & white / grey & white tail - but not a Pied Wagtail as the tail was a lot shorter (plus the flight pattern was different).

In the center i discussed this with 2 of staff and we had a plough through their Collins, we came to no conclusions but after looking at the PT just now, the tail markings seem to fit. In addition i have managed to find a flight pattern which fits as well.

O well, i will ot count it as i cannot be certain, so lets hope they are still there at the weekend.
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