Sunday, 13 February 2011

Rainham to Home

Essex Bird Watching:

After arriving at Rainham RSPB yesterday for 8.45am, i had 3 birds in mind for the day, Kingfisher, Water Rail & Penduline Tits all of witch i should be able to get good views from the Northern Boardwalk.

Initially i spent half hour or so on the Thames, ticking; Skylark, Shelduck, Black Headed Gull, Reed Bunting, some distant Dunlin.

I took the Woodland walk at a fair pace eager to got on my main 3 for the morning.

And after spending the slowest walk ever along the Northrn Boardwalk i saw numerous wrens and glances over at Avely Flash pools permitted the usual sights with a nice little group of 4 Snipe, which is a first for me as i have only ever seen as individuals. As for the other 3, nothing i didnt even hear them.

So headed back home and made a cup of tea and whilst looking in the garden a beautiful little Goldcrest poped into the Tree just outside the window on our rear lawn, no more than 3 foot away. It hoped around in the branches for about 10m minutes and then headed 100 ft down the back garden to a fir where i lost sight.

Cheered me up though (in birding sense) one for the Year List

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