Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I know im new to this birding and new phrases and terminology are being thrown at me from all angles. Most i got the idea from the term but......

"Hi mate, how you getting on?"

"All good, lists increasing and i am looking foward to the new arrivals over Spring"

"You wanna try Vismigging mate, get to really know what goes on if you do"

OK; come on. What the hells he on about?

Not trying to look foolish i happily agree and we part ways.

Turns out Vismigging is Visual Migration. Regular monitoring of the skies and area of one patch through migration times, counting bird species, numbers & direction.

Over time after a lot of effort you will build a picture of whats migrating through your area when and how. Now this does actually appeal to me but i am putting it on the shelf for a while. I still have way too much to learn from just regular birding.
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