Thursday, 31 March 2011

Wild Fowl & Wetlands Trusts - Barnes SW13 London

I took a trip to Barnes today, i have heard really good things about the work that the WWT under takes and seeing as i was in town anyway, a quick diversion thanks to public transport and i was on a bus crossing Hammersmith Bridge.

Saying quick.....City to SW13....quick ish

What i saw when i got there i wasnt really expecting, numerous buildings, shops, restaurants & cafe's. There were a few coaches in the car park for the school childen on visits along with a smallish group of adults who had travelled in for the day.

Red Breasted Geese, Eider along with others all easily viewable doing exactly what the WWT say Barnes is all about..Conservation & bringing the birds to the urban areas. The kids were loving it.

Didnt have long so couldnt have good look about but worth my half hour before jumping back on that tube to the City.

WWT Barnes London

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