Saturday, 23 June 2012

Ingrebourne Valley - Green Sandpiper

Usual walk this morning over to the Valley; again parking over at the Albyns Farm car park, we stayed for about an hour an half.

A small raptor, dark on top as it banked towards us and headed off. I dont know what it was but it did seem very small, smaller than a Kestrel and Sparrowhawk. Unfortunately i didnt get any markings due to no.1 son wanting to move onwards.

The usual bits on tit lake so we headed on towards the view area. The water levels have reduced slightly and from the smaller viewing area a Green Sandpiper stood motion less with its head tucked away on the concrete boulder. I continued watching for a while when some Mallard got spooked by something and it took flight heading towards the main viewing point. As it took flight, it had no wing bars, the white tail feathers did not continue up its back, the black bars on its tail looked quite thick and it had dark legs rather than brown.

I then found it again on top of the rock mid way and shortly after it flew of towards the iron bridge.

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