Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Rainham & Ingrebourne

I took a stroll along the wall today from the RSPB center to Serin Mound. I had no intention of going and listenning to the Marsh Warbler again but it was a nice morning and it didnt look that busy; a quick few minutes and nothing but the Grasshopper Warbler reeling off to the right.

Upon passing back a lady had the Gropper in here scope, so i took a quick look before heading back to the wall.

I had bumped into Dave Morrision on the way up and had a brief chat; nice to see you Dave.

Deciding against a walk around the reserve i headed to the valley; the highlight being 4 Cuckoo's, all four came over the Marsh and i was in Abbey Wood, the first continued on but the remaining three, 2 male and one female settled in the tree to my right.

I stood for about a minute watching them, the males "Cuckooing" with the female "Bubbling"; i presume all to do with courtship before she flew and the males took chase.
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