Saturday, 23 June 2012

Walthamstow Reservoirs - Gannet

Ok; its a life tick and also one to add to my London list but its not really the vision of a Gannet i had in mind for my first. If i had wanted that i should have waited until i finally did a bit of sea watching or gone to Bempton or such like.

My only views of Gannets have been via the television, diving at great speeds into the ocean or sitting in large numbers on the edges of cliff faces. Now theres nothing wrong with Walthamstow Reservoirs in fact they looked extremely good and like most who glance at this blog, you will know what records have come from here so its certainly somewhere i will re visit.

I manage to find the entrance ok off Ferry Lane and bump into a local. I will keep his name off here for fear of getting him in trouble, but instead of parking in the car park he jumped in and we drove straight to the reservoir in question; not sure if you were supposed to do this but he's the local.

Upon getting onto the bank we found the Gannet lazing on the small tern raft just in front of the island, initially head down.

East Warwick Reservoir - Walthamstow

After a short while it brought its head up for the pleasing view of that lovely head colouring. It stayed in the same spot for the whole time i was there.

The bird in question was apparently a sub adult (3rd CY) and by all accounts, as with the lost/disorientated sea birds inland, has every possibility that it will be dead in the morning; lets hope not, as although not my vision of a Gannet view i would rather it fed up, got lively and went on its way because i thoroughly enjoyed seeing it.

A 3rd CY Gannet courtesy of
Not the bird over Walthamstow

Update: Gannet still alive the following morning seen at 8.39am

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