Saturday, 14 July 2012

Ingrebourne Valley - Social Pigeon

Over the Valley this morning for 6am; it got off to a good start with a great view of a singing Song Thrush just behind the play area but sadly nothing much else happenned, the usual suspects all the way to Ingrebourne Hill; no raptors to be seen on or around it.

The water levels were abviously high so no waders. Mallard, Mute Swan, Pochard, Grey Heron and Little Egret x2.

view from iron bridge
This is then where i decided that wellies were more appropraite than boots; cutting through on the bike trail, it was pretty flooded and then the new amount of growth was huge so not only a boot full but i was soaked from the rain on the greenery; gave up and came home - short and a disapointing little trip.

Although the car park regular made up for it, initially on the car roof when one of the dog walkers appeared from the path over by the play area. He held out his arms, whistled and it flew straight to him landing on his hat where they both proceeded to walk to his car. Apparently he can walk his dog with it on his head sometimes for about an hour!

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