Saturday, 7 July 2012

Rainham Marshes - Wood Sandpipers & Spoonbill

I was kindly invited to the local birders monthly beer last night and finally got to put some faces to the names i have heard over the last 18 months since i started birding. A welcoming and friendly bunch of guys; i had a good evenning and a reasonable head ache this morning. Lets hope my drunken state warrants another invite........

Yesterday Wood Sandpipers x7 were counted over at Rainham Marshes RSPB late afternoon. Hoping they would hang about for today i managed to get over there this morning. After a long wait they didnt materialise, although one had been seen early this morning. Then nothing for the rest of today. A couple of Green Sandpipers on view the whole time proved too much for some and after a while comments started to be floated about how they were Wood Sand; they were not, they were Greens but they happily none the less convinced themselves, ticked and left.

There was an adult Spoonbill to view from the same vantage point off the Northern Boardwalk. This would be my 4th Spoonbill, the first over at Vange, the second up in Titchwell with the last two both being Rainham. Up until now all have been Juv's and in my opinion quiet ugly looking things. This one did slightly change that view, the bill was a lot cleaner looking and the plumes were on show but over all i still think there pretty ugly.

It was also a nice addition to the year list.

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