Sunday, 8 July 2012

Rainham Marshes - Wet Legs & Greenshanks

Purley to increase this years patch list over at Rainham i madly drove over to Aveley Bay for Greenshanks & Whimbrel this morning in what seemed like apocalyptical rain. Visability was dreadful so rather than being able to view from one end to the other of the bay walking to various vantage points was essential.

I couldnt find the Whimbrel but managed to pick up two Greenshank as they flew along the shoreline and only then because of their calls, finally managing to watch them land further up the bay and get on them for a short while.

One things for sure, the top quality waterproof trousers i have are only top quality in normal / heavy rain. Sunday they decided they would give up!

Rainham Marshes 2012 is now at 94
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