Sunday, 2 December 2012

Pablo finds another

Information from Pablo Hawkins found me this morning jumping in the car and heading off to Grange Waters, South Ockendon for a supposedly easy first sighting for me of a Long Tailed Duck.

Arriving about 10.15ish i found the gates closed and parked up just outside; taking a wander down to the main center also found this closed. A quick call and directions received i found myself squelching trough a recently ploughed field, walking through a gap in fencing and then pushing my way passed some rather spiky Hawthorn.

Myself and two others @debbiejay and Russ Sherriff found ourselves with the bird on the far side of the waters:

Slowly after about and hour the bird started heading our way, rather aggressively having goes at both Tufted Duck and any Black Headed Gulls that came in its path.

After a little while i took a walk further along and found us all a better vanatage point with the bird now closer to us than the other bank, Russ at the front getting his shots, Debbie with her scope and me ready for home.

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