Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Queen Mum, Buffy and all via Hell

A London first apparently; it would also be a first on every list for me; subject to getting there in one piece.
Hell took its alternate name today, it called its self the M25. Tailbacks and crashes pretty much all the way round, the most favourable route seemed to be via the major crash at the Dartford Tunnel. The tunnell anti clockwise was shut and the queues were imense, i certainly wouldnt have wanted to be in that pile up, it was awful, i hope all are alive, it looked that bad.
It put things in a bit of perspective really, there i am on a jounrey to look at a bird when some of those families Christmas and maybe lives have just been ruined.
Should i have tunred back knowing what the rest of the journey was to be like, oh yes....did i? no, today i was a twicher, a low low lister but a twitcher.
Three tailbacks, crashes later and i had safely negotiated my through Hell and was in the safe surroundings of the Queen Mum.
I paid my £2 and was given my day ticket and directions
Within 10 minutes i was peering over the reservoir edge with about 10 others looking directly at a very obliging Buff  Bellied Pipit.
Note to Self: do not buy a house near a major airport - they were streaming in!
On the way round i found these Goldeneye x4, they are i promise - 2 male 2 female
And lastly a Great Northern Diver which also can go on every list posible
I tried taking some photo's with my dodgy compact and will load the best of a very very very bad bunch later.
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