Monday, 17 December 2012

Wax off? Ahh Wax on.....

I managed to fit a couple of hours in this after noon starting at the Stone Barges in hope of a Water Pipit, it didnt happen but some good numbers of varying gulls to wade through and an obliging Grey Wagtail.
Shortly after i decided to head for Mucking, just to see what it was like as ive heard good things, bad timing for me as although the Thames hide was empty the tide was way out and still going, i did manage Curlew x20 and a swirling mass of Avocet, after they settled i started a count c315.
Waxwings have been over at the Valley for three days now so i headed on over to Albyns Farm, nobody or no waxwings about so i spent the some time looking and listeneing for that trill.
Just about to give up when i bumped into Dmc who said those words.."you just missed one" but then on a tree to out left it was back and we spent easily half an hour on it, with Dave getting some cracking shots.
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